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Registration for academic Year 2022 - 2023 is in inprogress

NLA Facilities

Science Laboratory Science Laboratory

Our students are advantaged to be learning visually through experimental learning supported by the dedication and enthusiasm of our qualified staff who take learning beyond the universe. Some of our students are gifted in biotechnology innovation and  we endeavour to encourage and give room for maximum expression of these gifts and talents.

Music Music

Music is used to propagate Christian values and appropriate philosophies to its listeners. It is the heart of NLA and most of our students are gifted in music. There are those that sing so well and there are those that play the instruments like guitar, drums and piano- exceptionally well. At NLA we are well equipped to nurture such gifts.

Sports Sports

It’s so fulfilling to watch the transformation that takes place in the NLA students. I have watched the children as they arrive in the school. Some of them very rough and selfish in character, others very timid and shy. Through this system and values instilled in them, there is a lot of transformation that takes place in them. Those who were selfish can willingly share and are friendly

NLA Curriculum!

The school is registered with AEE in South Africa under the name Kigali New Life Christian Academy and with Rwanda Education Board (REB). This registration gives KNLCA legibility to use the ACE curriculum and an account on which to order paces but also legibility to operate in Rwanda