School Fees 2022-2023

Matthew 6:21 says; “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Everyone knows that what we really value is what we invest in. We believe that our children are worth investing in.

The financial contribution from each family is kept to a minimum by the sacrificial giving of time, energy, and availability of all the staff involved as well as the generous support of volunteer parents.

New Life Christian Academy is very grateful for the financial support it has received from individuals and churches.

Agreed fees are payable monthly on a regular standing order. Forms must be completed on admission to the School

NLA 2022 - 2023 Fee Structure
Continuing Students Period
Tuition 765,000 Term
Meals 275,000 Term
ICDL 45,000 Term
Total 1,085,000
New Students
Registration 20,000 Once
Uiniform 150,000 Once
 Co-corricular 60,000 Year
Meals 275,000 Term
Tuition 765,000 Term
ICDL 45,000 Term
Total 1,315,000
Add ons 
Medical  5,000 Term
ID Card 5,000 Term
Science Projects 20,000 Year
Total 30,000